Friday, April 3, 2009

Hmmm, perhaps the hormonal crazies have begun

Soooo, I had an all out bitch-crazy fit tonight.

We live in a house that is 103 years old. My stove in my pathetic kitchen is from sometime in the '80's. We keep putting off a big renovation project that will modernize kitchen, baths, etc. The kitchen is nowhere near to being a cook's kitchen; sadly, I am a cook. So tonight I decided to make up a little homemade mac & cheese. I put the butter in the pan and then the flour. I can't get the damn flour mixed in with the butter because all of the @#$%ing butter is on one side of the pan because the stove eye is not, can not, will never be level. I HATE THIS STOVE! Which is what I started screaming, yes really screaming, as I beat (see woman raising frying pan with 2 hands and beating it on stove repeatedly) the pan on the stove sending butter and flour flying around my kitchen. For a good visual, probably the best I can recommend is Shirley MaClaine in Terms of Endearment having the fit in the hospital. Insert my stove in the place of the nurse's desk and put a skillet in her hand.

In the spirit of mature women who can overcome anything, I turned off the stove, stormed upstairs and got in bed with a book. After reading for about 45 minutes, I calmed down enough to order a pizza.

Looking forward to the next 7 months!

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  1. OMG! I'm trying not too laugh but the visual you're giving...

    I have a crap stove too. The oven doesn't even work. No wonder I eat take out a lot. :)