Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Girl and Sweet Kitty

First, Peanut is great. She's growing, healthy, and happy. She's just shy of 12 lbs. She can sit up unassisted for a few seconds. She lets out the most beautiful giggles and squeals that melt my heart. I'm having a wonderful time with her even though I'm still quite tired. I'm getting more sleep than most mothers of 4 month olds, but doing it at 44 has its own energy challenges.

From Sun evening to Thurs night, I'm in single mom mode. We were so lucky that my DH wasn't on a project for the last few weeks of the pregnancy up to just before Peanut turned 4 mos. He's now back on the road and is only home Fri, Sat, and 1/2 of Sun. I'm really peeved with him right now b/c during our limited time together he generally falls asleep on the couch at 7pm. It really hurts my feelings that he can't keep it together to stay awake to spend time with me.

I'll leave you with an image of what I just found when I went up to check the baby. Before you chastise me for having her under a blanket; I only let her sleep that way when I'm awake and checking her frequently. She's still swaddled at night.

Our cat LOVES her! Sally watches over the baby and really wants to snuggle with her. We all look forward to the day when Peanut is big enough to defend herself and we can allow Sally to snuggle away!

How about that bald spot?