Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14 and all is well

So things seem to be going really well. I expect good news at tomorrow's u/s. My belly is growing a bit and I'm soooo exhausted. I got miserably sick on Easter morning. Thankfully, I was okay in time for lunch with the family. I felt so bad that we didn't go to church. It's a good thing, too. I puked and puked and puked at exactly 11:30. That would have been so ugly if I'd been sitting at church. It's a loooonnng way from the sanctuary to the restroom!

I'd like to just sleep through the next 2 wks. I may just darn near do that. Oh, I'm so glad that I don't work for someone else. How do people do it? If I had to keep a regular schedule right now I'd wind up laying on the floor of my office pitching a fit. I find it impossible to resist the sleep that I need. I'm just too miserable to live if I deny the sleep.

I've bought a few pieces of maternity clothing. I'm going to try to wait 2 more wks to wear them, but I may not make it. The pieces are really cute so I'm actually looking forward to it. Also, I'm ready to look pg instead of just dumpy and fat. Pg is cute....the big, frumpy look that I've got going right now is not cute at all.

So send good thoughts for my little kumquat for our u/s tomorrow. I can't wait to see it with the defined arms and legs looking more like a human than a tadpole. I'll be 10 wks 2 days tomorrow. Whoohooo!!!


  1. Good luck today! Please make sure to send us an update!

  2. Oh yeah -its all sounding just about perfect!!!

  3. Best of luck! Hope your appointment went well! :)