Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We went back to the OB on Friday. DH went with me. So glad he did. We were able to see the hb. 5wks, 4days. So the last time we were pg, the baby stopped developing at in the 7th week (can't remember if it was 6wks 2 or 4 days. So here I am in the 7th week and I'm on pins and needles. Thankfully, I'm going back to the OB today and then back to the RE tomorrow. I'm hoping that these visits can ease my mind and give me some comfort that this pg will be healthy.

4 hours to u/s. What a relief! If I didn't have these appts, I'd be going completely crazy. Let's get past this hurdle and maybe I can find the joy again.

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  1. Oh boy do I understand that feeling. If I'm fortunate enough to get preggo again, I'm gonna live at the ultrasound clinic. I'll just set up a cot in their backroom and hope they don't mind :). It really does help alleviate the nerves. Good luck today and let us know how it goes!