Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you say....MISDIAGNOSIS!!!!!

So I went to the IF clinic in ATL. After much probing with the, well, probe, it was determined that the tech at my ob's office did not have experience looking at over stimulated ovaries. What she thought was a gestational sac was actually a huge corpus luteum. What an enormous relief!!!

So we finally got that 2nd beta back and it was good. I also got the one from yesterday. I did a calculator from the first one to the one yesterday and it says it's doubling every 45.7 hours.

The fetal pole was "beautiful." They also saw a second sac, but couldn't see a fetal pole in that one. I wonder if it has stopped developing or if it's just slower.

My ATL clinic invited me to continue to monitor with them until wk 12. I jumped all over that!

So tired....must sleep.


  1. What! Woah - that is just amazing. *huge sigh of relief*

  2. That is just the best news! Can't believe they did that - but I guess everyone makes mistakes sometimes and since it all worked out...but still, the agony you had to think about this after all you have already been through! So glad for you.

  3. Oh wow, that is such great news!!!! You must be so relieved!