Friday, March 6, 2009

If I'd known then

A friend of mine she cries at night, and she
Calls me on the phone
Sees babies everywhere she goes and she
Wants one of her own.
She's waited long enough she says
And still she can't decide
Pretty soon she'll have to choose and it tears her up inside...
She's scared...
scared she'll run out of time.

This song, Nick of Time, was on Bonnie Raitt's 1989 album also titled Nick of Time. I spent most of 1990 wearing out the cassette tape of this album. I LOVED every song on it. Interestingly, this song didn't move me any more than any of the rest. I was 24, wild, and free (and probably on birth control). I remember that summer almost every weekend a big group of friends and I would go up to the north Georgia mountains and have the most wonderful, carefree weekends. One girl would bring her guitar and we'd sit around and sing songs from this very album. I practically breathed this album. And I did not have a clue to what the verses above spoke.

These days, I've put this album on my phone. I was out walking this morning with my phone on shuffle mode going through all of the songs on it, but we came around to Nick of Time. Now it almost stops me in my tracks. When I was 37, I made up my mind that I just couldn't wait any more. I had to find a husband and get married. Luckily for me, my plan actually worked. We got married at 39. I was no longer listening to this song, but I was living it.

Isn't life funny.

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