Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling my way

Just wondering how much I want to reveal on this blog. I wanted to stay anonymous so that I would be able to bitch about my DH, family, DH's family (oh yeah) and friends IRL. However, I'm still feeling uncomfortable being nasty because I worry that I'll hurt somebody's feelings.

It made me a little crazy to put enough information out there that my birth date can be extrapolated. Having a D&C the day before my b'day was such an important part of my journey I didn't feel that I could skip over that little tidbit of information. Crap, did that birthday suck!

I'm amazed at the women that blog about their IF openly. You chicks are brave! I have told NO ONE about this blog. I don't want anyone I know looking for it. God forbid someone I actually know start following my blog. I'd feel so restrained.

I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of you veteran bloggers on this issue. I assume you become more comfortable and forthcoming as time goes by.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's great to know someone else who's cycle is so close to mine :)

    Most of our friends and family know that we are doing IVF but for now i've decided not to tell anyone about my blog (except DH). It's my secret place to seek refuge in a crazy fertile world :)

    I'm only new to blogging so I'm also really interested to read what some veteran bloggers have to say...

    All the best with the rest of your cycle!

  2. Although I'm a newbie to blogging, I think I'm going to try to stay relatively anonymous. I do use my first name and if someone I know in real life found my blog they might figure out it's me but I don't think anyone I know is even looking at things related to infertility, etc. But it's funny you know, I ran into someone I went to school with in the fertility clinic today. Maybe she's reading them! But I doubt it. I did include someone pretty unique identifying info when I first started the blog but I removed it. No one but but my fella knows I blog and I'll probably keep it that way for the time being. But I can see becoming a bit more comfortable after awhile and sharing a bit more.

  3. I'm totally anonymous. I feel like it's the only way I can be as open as I need to be.