Friday, May 7, 2010

A word about the day that is coming up

So I am undeniably a mother now and thereby eligible to participate in all of the celebratory hoopla that goes along with the second Sunday in May. I, however, am completely uncomfortable with the day. It was such an awful day for me for the last few years. All I can think about now are the many women who are right where I was then. I can still feel the pain of those empty and hurtfilled Sundays in May.

I would like to accept my husband's thank yous, hug my baby, and spend the day keeping things quiet and subdued. I do celebrate my child, but I also share the pain of millions of women who are hurting and wishing to be mothers. I do not want to stand up in church and flaunt the fact that I was blessed with a baby. I don't want to take my family to a restaurant and fill a table while others huddle at home not wanting to leave the house because if they do they'll be forced to face the Mother's Day brunch special.

There are so many wonderful, nurturing women who are as yet unable to fill their homes with children. Are these women not mothers? How can we be so sure? Do they mother? I'll bet they do. I'll bet that they nurture nieces, nephews, friend's children, students, and many children in their community. It is not necessary to give birth, adopt, or even foster in order to mother and I think that we should recognize and thank every woman who has ever nurtured a child....not just the ones who have or have had a child living under their roof.


  1. So nice of you to think of them. Yes, they ARE Mothers, they just need someone to tuck into their bed every night and call their own.

    Steve told the person doign our homestudy many years back, "Holly is all ready a Mom, she just needs a baby of her own".

    And Happy Mother's Day-you have every right to celebrate.

  2. Thank you so much for that post. It means the world to us who are still waiting...