Friday, October 16, 2009


And we wait another week. The amnio showed that the protein level was not high enough to induce yet. This is particularly bothersome b/c the peri so does not like the look of things that he lowered the bar on his protein level requirement from 55 to 50. It was 42.9. Our new plan is to induce on Thurs Oct 22. No more testing. No questions asked. It's a go.

She only gained 2 oz in a week (babies at this point should be gaining 8 oz per week). That was with the 2nd measurement done by the peri himself. The first measurement done by the sono tech showed that she actually lost weight. She's now fallen lower than the 9th percentile of last week. He wouldn't even give us a number. He just said, "It's less than 10%." The 10th percentile mark is where a small baby goes from Small for Gestational Age to Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Above 10th is SGA; below is IUGR.

It's so scary and frustrating to go from, "we need to get her out right away." to "we're going to wait a week."

They didn't put me on bedrest, but my husband has. He's so sweet and cute. He's been reading up and decided that I should try bedrest b/c it is something that we can do. I plan to spend the week internet shopping and scrapbooking. There will probably be prayer without ceasing going on along with all of that.


  1. Oh sweetie, I have been thinking about you so much. I really do hope this next week goes by quickly for you. Continually sending healthy vibes to your way.


  2. I'm with your husband on the bedrest - even if only in a why-not kinda way. Lots and lots of wishes for you and a tiny but healthy little girl.