Wednesday, October 14, 2009

....and then there was drama.

I didn't post about that I've had uncontrolled asthma symptoms. We've finally got it under control now, but I got bronchitis (which I'm highly prone to get) and suffered terribly from severe asthma symptoms for the last 9 or so weeks. Because the asthma was so poorly controlled, I checked out what A*COG recommends for asthma in pregnancy. They recommended regular u/s monitoring starting at 32 weeks. I asked for an u/s and it was scheduled for 3 weeks ago today in the afternoon. However, I woke up that morning realizing that the baby wasn't moving and had moved very, very little for about 36 hours. I went right in after the office opened and got the u/s; which didn't look so good and then immediately following that a non-stress test. They didn't like the looks of any of it so they sent me to the hospital for monitoring and had my peri's sono techs meet me there.

As it turns out, she was measuring 15 days behind. Since then, I've been having 2ce weekly monitoring. Actually, sometimes more because when I freak out if she's not moving I go in for an extra one. I've also had a couple of ER visits for breathing treatments in the last 4 weeks. One of which included an NST.

We went on Friday to the peri for a follow up u/s. Again, not so good. She's fallen even more behind and is now more than 3 weeks behind. Weighing in at 4 lbs 8 oz at 35 wks 4 days.

The plan is that we go tomorrow pm for an amnio to measure the protein level which indicates lung maturity. If her lungs are mature tomorrow, we will induce on Friday. Yes! The day after tomorrow!!!

I'm really hoping we go ahead and induce. The stress is killing me. Also, she's dropped and I'm very uncomfortable. I'm having so much trouble walking and getting up from a seated position is just a very painful experience.

Please send prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts, or whatever you believe in. I suppose my next post will be a birth announcement.


  1. Oh, what you have been going through! No doubt you are stressed. I'm thinking about you and sending healthy baby and mum vibes your way.


  2. What a lot to cope with! I'm sending you all kinds of good wishes for a healthy if tiny girl - and a healthy mama! Please let us know how things go on Friday!