Friday, April 16, 2010

Moving and moving on

Our little Peanut is getting around. She started rolling over, back to front, last week and mastered it within an hour. She spent an hour going back to front/front to back. Now she can move herself over relatively large distances. She's still giggling and squealing. They are still the loveliest sounds that I have ever heard.

I had my annual ob visit last week. My ob/gyn asks me every time she sees me when we're going to use our 6 remaining embryos. I think one reason she's excited about them is that they are with younger eggs. Our cryopreserved babies were created with 41 yo eggs. The Peanut was created with 43 yo eggs. Medically speaking, I think she's anxious to see how things go with the younger eggs.

There was a time when I thought I would want to pursue this 6 mos after Peanut's birth. That's so laughable to me now!!!

Here's the deal. I am 44! I am now 18 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy (which was already heavier than I wanted to be). I am especially upset about that little tidbit b/c by 2 wks postpartum I was down to only 8 lbs over pp weight. Unfortunately, my metabolism slowed down, but my food intake didn't. I packed on 10 lbs in the blink of an eye. My ob is adamant that I not try to diet until I stop BF. I am trying to be more careful with sugar and carbs though.

The plan, nurse until the baby wants to stop, lose 20 lbs and then we will do an FET. I love how supportive my ob is. The one I stopped seeing (moved to partner who delivered b/c she is so awesome) was supportive, but didn't get as excited over the prospect of someone my age giving birth. When I discussed with her (new doc) the dilemma of timing, she laughed at me for thinking it would be better to give birth at 45 than at 46. She, who happens to be 46, assures me that there will be no significant difference. She just delivered a DE baby of a 47 yo mom.

I am amazed by us. We 40 something women having babies. How brave are we?


  1. We 40 somethings are amazing. I turned 44 2 months after Adam was born.

    I am going through the same weight issues! I was also 8 #'s over pp weight and still, with Adam at 17 months 8#'s over(and I was 22 lbs over for the first year). He is now only BF at night and I started dieting about a month & a half ago...I was still 22 lbs over at that point. I have had several Mom's tell me they didn't lose weight until they finished BF, so don't let you weight discourage you. It is our crazy older woman metabolism-at least that's MY story and I'm sticking to it!

  2. Yikes about the weight gain! I think that is happening to me, too. At first I could practically see the pounds disappearing, but now things seemed to have evened out and I am about twelve pounds over my pre-p weight. Except, the pounds are the least of it - my shape is so scary that I can't even think about it long enough to describe it accurately...

    Good luck with the 20 lbs, and mostly with getting up the gumption to go through this again! It may be "easier" for those younger gals, but we 40+ women know exactly what we want and why it's worth it - and that really does make a difference!