Saturday, January 16, 2010

Letting go

Okay, I've been completely obsessing for the last two months about breastfeeding, but it's time to relax. It just hasn't been going well and I've only made it worse with my self-inflicted stress. The same part of me that was like a dog with a bone about getting pg moved on to lactating as a new thing to chew on. If I'd only known then, what I know now. I made so many mistakes at the beginning. Easy to do with a baby that has to be supplemented from the beginning.

Anyhoo, Peanut is doing great. After a couple of times losing weight, we've got her on a steady upward climb now. She's only about 2 ounces from doubling her birth weight. She'll be three months on Thurs.

I'll keep going with the BF as long as there's milk there. She absolutely loves to nurse so I'm not about to take that away from her. However, as of this moment, I am officially giving myself a break and letting go.

I'd have more to blog about, but I've seriously thought about nothing but laundry and lactating for 2 months. Hey, that would make a great name for a book....Laundry and Lactating!


  1. Definitely two "L"s that go together...

    I obsessed about breastfeeding to the point that I didn't even realize that my daughter was ready to let it go. It seemed so early to me (about 14 months, when I had planned to go as long as she wanted and assumed that meant two years or so!) but she just wasn't that into it anymore. She had been pulling away for a while and was easily distracted by anything else. I had to really adjust to cope with the fact that it was over - she had basically weaned herself and I hadn't noticed.

    As long as your girl is healthy and doing well, anything that works is good, right? If she is getting comfort from breastfeeding and calories from the bottle, that's fantastic. If she's happy and healthy and you can manage to do all that laundry then things are probably going fairly well!

  2. Ugh! Lorraine, I just wrote the longest reply to you, but I wasn't signed in and I lost it all! BBL