Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hallelujah! Yesterday at her doctor's appointment her weight was up to 5 lbs 3.5 oz. What a good big girl! The pediatrician took us off of the hellish NICU feeding schedule (hear me screaming for joy). We now breast feed on demand with one formula supplement feeding in the evening. I will pump for only that feeding. Our only limitation is not to let her go more than 4 hours without eating. Last night she went 2 four hour stretches so I was able to get some really good sleep. It was bliss


  1. Ah, sleep - like elixir for a new mother! Get it whenever you can.

  2. Can we see pics?!

    Yesterday I read your entire blog and when I got to Nov 1st I was like, what, that's it?? Then and only then did I realize that it was just the other day, not 5 years ago like a bunch of other blogs that I've read. Just want to say how inspiring your story is and how happy I am for you finally getting your little girl to hold in your arms. I am on cycle 14 of my TTC journey, still in my early 30s, but struggling with it. Currently waiting for either AF to show or not. This was my first 100mg clomid + IUI cycle after 3 failed 50mg clomid cycles. Tomorrow is my beta but I really think AF is just waiting to show until tomorrow. I have a short LP that clomid and accupuncture did seem to lengthen, so I really think that is the only reason AF isn't here yet... BFN on the HPT this morning at 12dpo... :( oh well...

    Sorry for that, just wanted to say congrats, hurrah, and can't wait for more posts and a pic of that precious little girl! Oh and what is her name?? :)

  3. Oh, that is so great to hear! Bet you can't wait until she starts looking like a little Michelin man. They you can nom, nom, nom on her little baby rolls.

  4. Yummy! Even without the rolls, she's got some seriously sweet sugar on that neck of hers!