Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Home

Hallelujah! I'm going home to sleep in my own bed and snuggle up with my sweet kitties.

I'm not feeling much. In fact, for most of yesterday I was convinced that nothin's cookin'. Then during the night I had some pains that have me wondering. It feels like the pains I'm having are in my left ovary, but I wonder if it just seems that way. My boobs are a little sensitive, but that could just be the progesterone. I don't want to get my hopes up on that point. Aaah, the fun, fun two week wait.

Anyway, I'm so ready to go home. It hit me on Sunday and I've just been so homesick since then. I really miss my cats and can't wait to get there to hug on them. I was teasing DH last night that I'm glad I have 2 days alone with the cats before he comes home on Thurs. My little kitty won't sleep in our bed when he's in it.

I've decided that I will POAS on Sun morning before he heads out of town again. Telling your DH your pg on the telephone is not the most fun. Let's hope it's positive just for the sake of my sanity. A negative HPT could send me into a downward spiral. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't think too much about it. I'll change my mind.

Bring on the warmer weather of the beautiful South.....whoohoo!

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